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The success of this campaign depends on its supporters spreading the word, to get more stickers out there on bumpers, and more drivers to switch to efficient cars.

Help slow climate change, take action!

MPG Stickers Facebook Group
   Check out and participate in the MPG stickers Facebook group! Click here to visit the group.

Download the MPG Stickers Activist Guide
    MPG Stickers Activist Guide (65KB PDF File)

Download a campaign flyer, print and distribute it to your family, friends and colleagues who drive efficient cars, or are about to replace their inefficient car.

    General Flyer (42KB PDF File)
    Prius-Specific Flyer (42KB PDF File)

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Thank you for your support, you can be proud of your contribution to help slow climate change!

As seen in Green Car Journal, November 2005
Help publicize MPG Stickers!
Publicity is a key element to getting the word out. Grassroots efforts can spread awareness through localized areas, but getting into the media is key to introducing the stickers to "new markets". Our goal is to spread the campaign so that you won't be the only person in your neighborhood with a sticker...you can meet new friends as the stickers appear on more and more cars each passing month.

Do you work for a media company or publish media yourself? Would you be willing to give MPG Stickers some publicity? Please email us and we will be glad to provide a press kit, interviews, or anything else that may be of interest to your readers or viewers.

MPG Stickers also offers bulk-rate discounts on quantities of stickers if you wish to distribute them at events or provide as gifts. Contact us for further details.